Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Debate Wiki

Today I introduced my debate team to our new wiki briarwoodsdebate.pbworks.com. Since next years' topic will encompass military deployment in six different countries my idea starting off is to have a page for each country. Here I will post articles, questions, comments and thoughts. Next week in debate practice we will have a quiz game based on this information. I think this will be a fun way to help students learn the background knowledge needed for next year's policy debate topic.

I told the kids today that the knowledge they gain from using a Wiki to learn together will far outlast the crazy cases and strategies that advanced teams have. Knowledge of the topic is the starting point. Too many of my novices are trying out advanced techniques before mastering the foundations. Hopefully we can get back to the basics before next year's competition starts.

1 comment:

  1. This is a very cool way to keep institutional knowledge and experience flowing from one "generation" of your debate team to the next. I could see you recording via audio or video techniques and posting them up on the wiki for the students to review and critique. Very cool!