Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Propaganda and Digital Video

I have an excellent video clip that I show to my classes about the "duck and cover" drills during the Cold War. It's totally and utterly absurd - the ridiculous lengths that people went to as they tried to brainwash the general public about the Red infiltration at every corner. I love getting my students to laugh at our parents' generation. I like getting them to picture their parents as kids, hiding under their desks hoping that cheap plywood will save them from instant incineration when Russia launches The Big One.

Could there be anything more entertaining than letting 30+ high-schoolers loose with flip video cameras to create their own Cold War propaganda? I submit there is not. I'm even feeling fairly confident about doing this in my crazy fourth block class. In fact, with the characters in that class I can foresee that propaganda videos would be truly entertaining.

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  1. This truly looks like an awesome thing! I also wonder if you could have them translate the style and feel of the videos into a modern propaganda campaign and vernacular. I think a video about web safety or grammar and spelling use could be very entertaining and challenging.